Case Study: Infinite Ticket Application For The General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia 2021

Hello, medium This is a project group work for the UX/UI course at Misk Academy. This case study was about Tickets in the entertainment industry. This project was centered around the problems of Ticket resell in the black market. Our task was to investigate, analyze, ideate, and develop a solution that can be work as perfectly as our client need.

As the entertainment industry played a big role during the last half-decade, and because of its brand new identity and ideas to the Saudi citizens, it was an important field that held out many opportunities and maybe issues that had approachable solutions. As the field is still growing, it’s a great opportunity to further search about it and help in building a better base for its Target users.

Our Client

Our client is the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) which was created on May 7, 2016, by a royal decree in Saudi Arabia. The GEA regulates, advances the entertainment sector in the Kingdom, and provides recreational opportunities for all segments of society in all regions to enrich lives, spread joy, and excite the private sector to build and develop entertainment activities.


Desk research

After conducting our desk research we found that many users complained about tickets running out from the first minutes of opening tickets selling, resulting in them either missing the event or going to secondhand markets which made them pay double the price of purchasing from official providers. Not to mention the likelihood of those tickets being fake. On the other hand, people who have booked their tickets but cannot attend the event can not be refunded, which makes them struggle to find an interested user to buy the ticket if they don’t want to lose the ticket price. Another pain point is the fixed number of seats per person, so every user has to purchase a certain number of seats.


To showcase the most interesting events/activities for them, we set our goal to target users who have moved to buy a second-hand ticket. We also wanted to understand their experience booking entertainment tickets. How they handled problems and how they reacted. Furthermore, we try to expose how the Black market works and define its common problems.

Asking questions about entertainment activities users had purchased for and investigating their experience with ticket platforms and apps. Also knowing their behavior when they are unable to attend a place they had Purchased its tickets. Help us have a deep understanding of their motives and pains. Trying to understand users’ common problems and stories with the black market we come up with amazing findings!

Method Used to Understand Users Need:

  • Observation
  • Interviews
  • Survey


Affinity Mapping Analysis

Key insights:

  • As struggle users face running out tickets due to web overload or time constraints the only option they have is using second-hand tickets from the black market
  • Users pain with the black market is trust and doubled prices they may cancel their booking for this two reason
  • Users tend to use the black market as a result of frustration and stress in the booking process through the official website
  • Some of the users tend to resell their tickets when they are unable to attend without knowing that this is a black market behavior
  • Some users don’t mind buying a ticket with a high price from a second-hand person as long as they can trust him.

Business Analysis included:

After Identifying users’ common problems we aim to understand our competitors. Hence, we created a C&C analysis, a leaf diagram, and a heuristic evaluation. These offer a better understanding of the industry.



After analyzing our competitors, it gave us an overview of some of the good features such as tickets insurance and pricing range. We also got inspired by user trust-building methodologies such as validating users and showing their info for the other users as a way of building trust among them. Also, we got inspired by a promo code to come up with a promoted tickets feature as a promotion for the platform. Seating maps is considered an important feature especially with social distancing guidelines to ensure keeping a distance between individuals.

HEURISTIC Evaluation :

Heuristic Analysis:

Websites and apps usually displayed the most important information in the navbar and hero elements. The user usually can book a ticket by clicking the Buy button on the website. Some websites & apps, however, do it under different categories. A ticket usually takes between 5 and 9 minutes to purchase. Many sites and apps have everything the user needs on the home page. In addition, some apps handle errors very well while others ignore users’ needs. Websites and apps with poor UIs had lower customer satisfaction.

Leaf Diagram

Leaf Diagram Analysis

  • Reselling: Ability to add your unneeded ticket to the app and sell it as a fan to fan ticket
  • Seat Map: You can preview seat maps before booking from the users
  • Ticket Insurance: covers the cost of a ticket if you can’t attend an event for a certain reason and enable users to refund
  • Pricing range: vendors define different pricing tiers according to the supply and demand of the tickets
  • User Trust: Building strong user verifications that help users buy a second-hand ticket without suspicion or fear
  • Promoted Ticket: having a few promo tickets directly from the organization to help users buy tickets with lower prices.

General Insights:

  • Displaying user’s info and verifying them builds user trust for other users.
  • For the validation propose secure swap method is a guaranteed way to swap tickets from one user to another
  • Not updating content (events) frustrated the users and affected their trust.
  • Users struggled to find nearby events since events weren’t listed by distance \ location.
  • Payment method varieties such as Apple Pay Feature: Paying — Receiving tickets value straight from Apple Wallet help users complete their purchasing in peace and calm
  • Reselling a bought ticket is possible as long as the user uses the same account.
  • Browsing location directly from map and seating system features helps users gain general insight into the entertainment activity.
  • Ticket providers tend to delay ticket selling so they can avoid ticket fraud as much as possible but promoted tickets could solve the problem from both sides
  • Ticket insurance enables users to refund their money if plans are changed and plays a huge role in company revenue.
  • Prices of tickets depend on event popularity and effect it may fluctuate based on supply and demand.

Problem Statement

This is due to the official ticket website lagging of overloaded users entering the website. our solution should aim to reduce black market practices in the entertainment activity


Our user research resulted in the Artisans persona Called Ahmed, which speaks mostly about what they see right in front of them, about what they can get their hands-on, and they will do whatever works, whatever gives them a quick, effective payoff, even if they have to bend the rules was developed based on user problems and motivation.

User Journey


We analyzed the data that we gathered from our research and conducted interviews. Our solution will deliver a reselling platform that is built on user trust starting from user validation to ticket validation. With a fluctuated price ranging feature to keep a balance between users' needs and business needs. Our features include tickets insurance, promoted tickets, and seat maps. Our users showed that they usually book and pay using phones, our platform will supports e-tickets and delivered them through a phone application.


Infinite Ticket that never ends for users, you can always find a ticket for your favorite concert, theater..etc. As an exciting and competent app, We took inspiration from the user's need for trust, a reliable, secure up to date, and friendly platform. The Blue color will represent the security and trust we offered to users. The Orange reflects the friendly, Support environments users need. In Designing our Logo we were Trying to implement the concept of Infinity with ticks so the Circle is a way to help Ahmed feel the availability of tickets we have.

Key Features

Design System

User flow

Task flow 1

Buy a Second-Hand Ticket

Task Flow 2

Sell Ticket



Wireframing (Med-fi)

Onboarding user story :

Annotated Wireframes

Home Page
Ticket Details
Signing Up and Payment
Selling Ticket Onboarding & Adding Ticket Information

Usability Testing

Mission: Buy a ticket for the Riyadh concert with Nancy and Assi El Hellani at the lowest Price and pay with a card.


Users Journey :

Future Work

  • Adding more Categories for entertainment activity
  • Updating Term and Policy
  • Adding the Timing Feature for ticket


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